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How Does TechStacker Work?

Start by creating your short list from the detailed product database.

  • Utilize crowdsourced info down to features, ratings and specs to select products for further evaluation
  • Find products by name, category or vendor
  • Add your product if you don't see it on the database; update any data

Compare product specifications side by side.

  • Add any products to a project for further private evaluation
  • Update or edit any data values to the public product wiki

Create your own Private Evaluation in TechStacker.

  • Add/Remove Products
  • Add/Remove any criteria, feature or spec
  • Add project notes and requirements
  • Adjust weightings, scores and comments at the critera/feature/spec level
  • Export Report via CSV

Additional Features

Group Evaluation Tools

Share evaluations with team
members and partners

Invite vendors to update product
features, specs, and RFPs

Product "Watch List"

See an interesting product but don't have time or not ready to do a thorough evaluation?

Click the Star and have it added to the Watch List section of your dashboard for later evaluation

Tap the wisdom of the tech-buying crowd

See what features/specs are important to other users in a given product or category

See average scores, ratings, comments and most popular products

More to Come!

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